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How Often does Ford Recommend an Oil Change?

Scheduling routine oil changes throughout the year is necessary to keep the vehicle operating well and avoid potential mechanical issues that can develop under the hood. Ford recommends getting an oil change every 3,000 miles or every three months, depending on what comes first. You can also read the owner's manual that came with your vehicle to determine the specific recommendations based on your make and model. Oil changes will extend the lifespan of your car and can allow you to avoid costly repairs.

When Should I Replace my Tires?

All tires need to be replaced once they have less than 2/32” of depth left, which means there's a lack of traction present when driving on different types of roads. Tires that are older than six years old also need to be replaced.

Do I Have to Pay For a Recall?

In most cases, the manufacturer covers the cost of the recall because the driver isn't responsible for the defects or issues that are present. You'll be notified by the automaker of the recalls, and our dealership will have the information stored in our database to ensure you can bring it in for the necessary repairs to be performed. We recommend bringing in the recall letter that you receive for your appointment.

Will My Warranty Cover My Repairs?

Each warranty is different from what it covers and how long you can use it for repairs that are needed on your vehicle. Most mechanical issues that develop on their own are covered, but the driver is responsible for problems caused by a lack of maintenance or damage.

What Services Does Your Maintenance Department Cover?

Our dealership is proud to offer a variety of services at our maintenance department, which includes oil changes, tire rotation, battery replacement, brake repair or replacement, alignment, tire replacement, transmission repair, and more.

Do You Have Loaner Vehicles or a Shuttle?

When you need to drop off your vehicle at our service center, we're happy to provide you with a loaner vehicle to ensure you can continue to get around and avoid interruptions in your busy schedule. You're also welcome to stay at our facility and spend time in our waiting area where various accommodations are provided. You can enjoy our televisions, magazines, snacks, and refreshments that are available until the repairs or maintenance are completed on your vehicle.

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