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Beer & Chips Art Festival Comes to Noble Rey Brewing Company

Beer & Chips Art Festival Dallas

2636 Farrington Street
Dallas, TX 75207

June 17, 2017
12 p.m. - 7 p.m.

If you thought there was nothing better than beer and chips, wait until you experience beer, chips AND art! This new trio of fun is sure to win you over and make for a full afternoon of excitement at what’s bound to be one of the most talked about fests taking place this June.

The Beer & Chips Art Festival is a roaming art show that’s currently touring at local breweries. It’s already been gaining a lot of buzz and…

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Hatchback vs Sedan: Which Should I Get?

Hatchback vs Sedan: Which Should I Get 

What's the Difference Between a Sedan and Hatchback?

If you love compact cars, your most significant and first choice will be choosing between a hatchback or a sedan. There are plenty of small vehicles that fall into this category, and you're going to have a lot of fun learning about both of these body styles. And that's the chief difference between the hatchback and the sedan: They both have their unique style. The hatchback has a cargo space area that isn't separate from cargo storage, while the sedan's cargo storage area is entirely different from…

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Vehicle Spotlight: The 2018 Ford C-Max Hybrid

The 2018 C-Max provides a convenience to your driving experience that can’t be matched by any other Ford vehicle. This classy hybrid provides several perks from Active Park Assist, which will look for appropriate parking spots as you seek parking to its Intelligent Access push-button start, which activates key access no matter if the key is in your purse or pocket to its SmartGauge® with EcoGuide to help you drive more efficiently. 
In addition, the 2018 C-Max exceeds these benefits with available Rain-Sensing Wipers that turn on when rain and snow are detected on your windshield. The MyKey…
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New Year’s Resolutions for your Vehicle

Happy New Year! 2018 has begun and we couldn’t be more excited. As you resolve to get healthy and be the best version of yourself, do the same for your vehicle. The team at Westway Ford came up with a few New Year’s Resolutions for you to vow to your vehicle!
Service Check-ups: Just as you go to the doctor, your vehicle needs a check-up on its health as well. From oil changes to tire rotations, you need to make sure you are staying up to date with what services your vehicle needs this year!
Keeping it Clean…
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How to Turn on My Ford's Windshield Wiper De-Icer


In freezing weather it’s common for wipers to get stuck to the windshield, which hinders them from working properly to clear your view. You can thwart this issue with Ford’s windshield wiper de-icer and get on the road faster with unobscured visibility. Check out this video to learn how the feature works and three ways to activate it.

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Five Fun Facts on Ford

Interested in some fast facts about Ford? Westway Ford is here to feed your brain with some fun facts about the brand itself! 
1) Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were best buds! They were lifelong friends who even owned neighboring vacation properties together in Florida. Weirdly enough, Ford captured and kept Edison’s last breath in a sealed tube as a memorial to him. If that doesn’t say, “best friends”, then what does! 
2) The first ever Ford was sold to Dr. Pfenning in 1903 for $850. It was the model A, with a 2-cylinder engine and only reached…
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The All-New 2018 Ford Expedition

The all-new 2018 Ford Expedition will have you racing to get behind the wheel. From its thoughtfully designed exterior to its comfortably spacious interior, this car is the perfect fit for any family! Come into Westway Ford today to test drive yours!
This completely redesigned, full-sized SUV wraps a high-strength steel frame in aluminum bodywork. Up top, the design includes a panoramic sunroof that covers both the first and second rows of the SUV. Not to mention this new model weighs 300 pounds less than the previous version! 
Not only does the interior have a pretty eye of…
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Helpful Tips for the Perfect Summer BBQ!

Tell your friends and family to hop in their Ford and drive on over to your summer party destination. Need help with the party planning? No problem, Westway Ford is here to help. These helpful tips for a perfect day of summer fun will have you eager to start planning! 
The summer is heating up and so should your grill! Whether you’re a newbie or a professional griller, these helpful tips will make grilling for your guests a breeze! What’s on the menu for your summer party guests?
299 × 168
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Video: New Design on the 2018 Ford Mustang

2018 Ford Mustang Bumper and Rear Lights

Heading into the 2018 vehicle model year, the Ford Mustang is looking sharper than ever! With a new grille, new light designs and new wheel options, it’s got a sporty appearance that reflects its athletic performance. Check out some of its biggest updates in this video.

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Five important items to always keep in your vehicle

Five important items to always keep in your vehicle
We all know that sometimes things can happen at the most inconvenient times and you need to be prepared. Here are the top 5 items that the Westway Ford team suggests that you always have in your vehicle. 
Money: Sometimes you run into situations where you may have forgotten your wallet or are simply visiting a restaurant that only takes cash. Our suggestion is to keep $20-$30 somewhere in the vehicle for unexpected occasions. It would also be a great idea to keep a roll of quarters for street parking…
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