Ford Electric Vehicles 

Ford Electric Vehicles For Sale in Irving

In 2021, Ford's lineup of electric vehicles is even more expansive. The lineup includes the new Mustang Mach-E, a powerful and fuel-conscious luxury SUV that gets up to 300 miles of range. Additional SUVs with an electrified powertrain include the Escape and the Explorer, two of Ford's top vehicle models that are now offered with more fuel efficiency. There are also hybrid versions of the Fusion, which seats five people and is loaded with safety and technology. The new F-150 Lightning will be coming our way in the 2023 model year as well, which we're incredibly excited about!

Which Ford models are available in electric?

Ford currently makes the following electric cars:

  • Explorer Limited
  • F-150 Lightning
  • Fusion Hybrid
  • Fusion Plug-In
  • Mustang Mach-E
  • Escape SE Hybrid
  • Escape SE Plug-In

The Ford Explorer Limited is a hybrid SUV that offers the same power, interior space, and capabilities as the regular Explorer. It also adds greater fuel efficiency to the mix. The Explorer uses a hybrid powertrain to provide over 500 miles of total range. The Explorer and the F-150 both have impressive towing ratings for their classes. The hybrid F-150 is a new electric model from Ford that combines the F-150's traditional work ethic with electric power. The safe and tech-savvy Ford Fusion sedan has an equally impressive electric hybrid powertrain with a respectable range. The Mach-E is Ford's first Mustang-branded model with electric power, and the Escape continues to diversify with a choice of a hybrid or hybrid plug-in powertrain.

What is the difference between electric, hybrid, and plug-in models?

Electric and hybrid vehicles have some mechanical similarities but also some key differences. Electric cars have a battery onboard that powers one or more electric motors. Hybrid vehicles use a traditional gasoline engine. They also use an electric motor to provide a combination of gasoline and electric power for improved fuel economy. Plug-in hybrids also have a gasoline engine, but they primarily use electricity for power when available.

How far can Ford electric models go?

When fully charged, the Mach-E gets about 300 miles of total range, while the Explorer gets up to 500 miles of range, and the Escape hybrid reaches 582 miles.

How long does it take to charge an electric Ford car?

Using a DC fast-charge port, an electric Ford charges most of its battery in half an hour. At home, an electric Ford can completely recharge in two hours.

Do Ford electric vehicles have towing capacity?

With the Escape, you can tow up to 3,500 pounds, while the Explorer is capable of 5,000 pounds. The F-150 has a tow rating of 12,700 pounds.

How can I learn more about Ford electric vehicles?

You can inquire at our dealership about your favorite Ford electric car and ask us about setting up a test drive, too.