Ford Auto Loans in Irving, TX

Thanks for visiting Westway Ford online. We welcome you to visit our dealership in Irving to discuss getting you in a new car or truck. Whether you have good, fair, or bad credit, our friendly team is willing to work with you to obtain financing. Come and see us today so that we can help you find a lender for your vehicle purchase.

Is Financing a Car a Good Idea?

The decision to finance a car can be economically wise. When compared to leasing a vehicle or paying with cash, financing offers some attractive advantages. One of these is that you might be able to afford a better vehicle when you finance. A better car can mean fewer repairs and maintenance costs in the long run. You may also achieve better fuel economy. These things can add up to significant savings.

Financing a car can also help you to build or repair your credit. By making on-time car payments you will be creating a good payment history, and this could mean that you will qualify for better rates on future purchases.

Leasing a car can often come with mileage restrictions. You may be permitted only 15,000 miles per year on a leased vehicle, and going over the allowance will yield high charges. When you finance there are no such mileage restrictions, and you are free to drive the car as you please.

Is There a Minimum Credit Score to Finance a Car?

Many people have concerns that their credit score will not qualify them for vehicle financing. The truth is that a credit score is not the only factor considered by lenders. At Westway Ford, we work with individuals that have good and bad credit to see if there are lending options available.

While we cannot guarantee to finance for everyone, we have helped many people find opportunities to finance their new car or truck. Don't let your credit score prevent you from speaking with us to see what options might work for you.


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