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Ford Lease Returns

Thank you for remembering us at Westway Ford. We send out a complimentary reminder when it is about time to start considering your end-of-lease options. All 3 choices, listed below, were developed for your convenience and ultimate satisfaction. In order to change over into either of these options, you need only bring in your current Ford for a quality check inspection. Let's discuss your options, below.

Sign Up for a New Model

One of the key elements that sold you on leasing was the ability to upgrade your ride at the conclusion of the lease. If you are impressed with the latest stylings, features, or options available in the newest Ford models, upgrading is a grand idea. The newest Ford models protect your life by offering a full panoply of safety sensor tools. These radar and camera sensors help you maintain a safe cushion of free space around your vehicle at all times. This incentive alone is leading many drivers to stop in and upgrade.

The Millennials and other technophiles are particularly impressed with the newest SYNC infotainment features because they seamlessly combine your SmartPhone with your vehicle. Get news, navigation, music, weather, hands-free calling, and use voice commands on the road without having to take a 15-minute pit stop. When you are ready to start scoping out the latest models, simply click on the button below.

View Current Lease Offers

Renew Your Lease to Extend It

If you are quite satisfied with the Ford you're driving now, there is really no need to pay the surcharges and higher prices involved in an upgrade. All you need to do is come by for an inspection to assess the value of the vehicle. You have already paid the bulk of the depreciation. This means that we could offer better rates if you want to keep driving it for a few years. When some newer technologies or models are unveiled, you can upgrade then.

Make it Official

If you really love the Ford that you've got now, why not make it official? By committing to lifelong ownership by purchasing it outright, you can save yourself lots of money once the monthly financing payments are finished. If you've taken it this far and kept up the maintenance, that Ford will be a showboat for decades to come. In some cases, drivers just like the styling or features of a certain model that are hard to replace. Whatever the case, simply stop by for an inspection, and we can provide more information.

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