Backseat Drivers

How Driver Assist Technology is Silencing Annoying Backseat Drivers

Everyone has experienced the backseat driver. This is the person who continues to tell the driver all the things he or she is doing wrong. It is the passenger who points out how he or she would have handled a particular situation. All those comments can be quite annoying at the least and distracting at the worst. Drivers are already under an enormous amount of pressure without the help of the backseat driver.

Driver-assist technology has been put in place to protect drivers, passengers, and other cars on the highway or streets, but unintentionally, it may also deal with backseat drivers.

How is Driver Assist Technology Going to Help?

Backseat driving can put people in danger because it frustrates the driver. This could lead to distracted or aggressive driving. Both of these could put you in danger, and no one wants that.

The reason driver assist technology is such a powerful tool against these types of passengers is because this type of tech inspires trust. Yes, one of the biggest reasons passengers like to direct drivers or point out mistakes is because they are having a hard time trusting a person's driving.

Sometimes, these passengers fear for their safety. Yes, they might be annoying, but their critiques and suggestions are usually coming from a good place. Driver-assist technology makes passengers trust you more because there is already a system alerting the driver of serious potential dangers.

You won't have to worry about passenger comments anymore if you tell them your vehicle already comes with this kind of technology that sometimes includes the following:

  • Forward collision warning system that tells you if you are getting too close to an object in front of you.
  • Blindspot detection system that warns you if there is a vehicle in your blind spot before making a lane change.
  • Lane departure warning is there to warn you if you are slipping into another lane accidentally to keep you safe.

These are just some of the features available in many modern models that we have on our lot. It is easy to see why these features would make passengers feel like they're safer and could stop them from talking so much while you are trying to drive.

Of course, driver-assist technologies are not going to be able to stop every person who has a tendency to criticize the way you drive, but it should stop enough. Go ahead and look through our inventory to see what other tech features are installed on the vehicles you are interested in and don't be afraid to schedule your test drive soon after.