When to Replace & Repair Your Ford's Tires

From low tread to cracks and bulges, here's what you need to know about bad tires.

Ford TiresHaving served thousands of drivers at our tire shop in the Dallas area, we know firsthand that proper tire care is one of the easiest  ways to prevent getting into an accident. To avoid a blowout and reduce your  chances of a collision, we strongly recommend checking tires monthly. Not sure  what to look for? Check out our list below to see a few aspects that mean  trouble.

If it turns out  that you do need tires, we will beat any competitor's advertised price on the  name-brand tires we sell. Also, check our service coupons to see if we have any current deals on select tire services.

Are My Tires Bad?

  • Bulge or  bubble in tire - Hitting a pothole or curb can be really harmful to tires. Often,  after running into major road obstructions, air leaks develop that produce a  noticeable bulge on the tire sidewall. If you see this, put on your spare and bring your vehicle to our tire shop in Irving-Las Colinas immediately.
  • My tires  are cracked - Whether it was caused from too much sun exposure over the  years or from being old and dried out, cracked tires can be a big danger. Schedule an  appointment at our tire shop to have an expert diagnose if the cracks are  superficial or if your tires are unsafe to drive on.
  • Bald  looking tires - When tread reaches 2/32", don't put off getting new Ford  tires for your car, truck or SUV. If they become bald, it's highly dangerous  not only because you'll have less traction, but also because low-tread tires  are more likely to blow out. Whether you need Ford Fusion, Mustang, Explorer or  F-150 tires, we've got you covered.
  • My car  vibrates at 60 mph - Shaking at higher speeds is most often due to issues  with wheel balance. To avoid the discomfort and potential damage caused by  excessive shaking, you should have your wheels balanced approximately every  3,000 to 6,000 miles. At our Dallas-area tire shop, we offer affordable prices  on this service.  
  • Tire  tread is only low in certain spots - If you only see tread wear on the  inside or outside of a tire, it could be due to skipping wheel alignments. Neglecting  to get tire rotations also presents itself by way of uneven tread wear, as well; likely you'll have pairs of tires wear out in this case, such as the  front tires or back tires.  

Tire Repair Near Me in the DFW Metroplex

Westway Ford's tire shop in Irving is open to  drivers of all vehicle makes and models. We offer quality tires from  Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental, Firestone, Michelin and a long list of other manufacturers. Along with affordable prices, we're sure that you'll also  be impressed by our exceptional customer service, quality workmanship and  complimentary perks - like free car washes each time you visit for service!


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