Ford Brake Service & Repair FAQs

Not sure if your car is due for brake pad replacement or another brake service? See our informational video for details.

In the many years that we've offered brake service in  Irving-Las Colinas, our team has encountered some pretty bad situations. We've  seen the aftermath of brake failures, completely destroyed rotors and more. If  you're encountering any of the following car symptoms, bring your vehicle to  our auto repair shop for Ford brake service.  


Our mechanics can help provide a proper diagnosis, but  one possibility is that you have a brake fluid leak. If you find yourself  having to hit the brake pedal to the floor, plus spot liquid where you park  your car, a fluid leak could be the problem.  


When brake pads wear down to a low level, the brake wear  indicator sounds an "alarm." The indicator is a metal piece that produces a  high-pitched squeal when a car's brake pads are too thin. If you're in need of  Ford brake pad replacement in the Dallas area, visit our service  center for assistance.

OEM Ford Brake Pads Vs. Aftermarket Brake Pads

If you want to maintain the quality and safety of your car or truck, OEM Ford parts are your best bet. Some aftermarket brake pads may be cheaper, but they could offer inferior performance and reduced longevity. In addition, you may run into issues with brake pad rusting.

When to Replace Brake Pads on My Ford

Your brake pads should be examined around every 10,000 miles or at least once a year. There is no exact period in which a car should have its brake pads replaced, however. Individual driving behavior determines this. If you drive a lot (particularly in traffic), brake hard, tow or haul, you may need to change your brake pads sooner. If your car or SUV is due for new brake pads, view our specials to see if any rear or front brake pad replacement coupons are currently available.


Ford BrakesThere should be no sound at all coming from your brakes, so if it gets to the point that you hear grinding, it's a troublesome sign.  When brake pads wear out, the rotors are exposed to metal, and grinding is  essentially the sound of the rotors being scraped.

This creates an excess of heat that can substantially  reduce your vehicle's stopping power - something known as "fading," which is  highly dangerous. In addition, grinding can lead to a complete brake failure.  So if you're experiencing this, bring your car to our brake shop in the  Dallas-Fort Worth area immediately.


Suspension and alignment issues are common reasons for  pulling. However, if the pulling is related to your brake system, there could  be uneven wear on your brake pads or rotors. In addition, a stuck caliper could  be the culprit or there may be a collapsed brake hose.


This may indicate a problem with the rotors. If they  become warped, you may feel vibration when hitting the brake pedal.


It may sound obvious, but being able to stop your car is  absolutely the most important factor to your driving safety. That's why  ensuring that your brakes are in good health is so essential. If you need  assistance with replacing or repairing brakes for a Ford Escape, F-150, Mustang,  Fusion or another model in the Ford lineup, visit our car repair shop in DFW.

Where can I find a  reputable brake shop near me?

Westway Ford offers a full-service car repair shop  staffed with certified technicians. We not only offer Ford brake service but  also vehicle maintenance for all vehicle makes and models. If you own a car  with any of the problems above, stop by our brake shop in the Dallas metro  area, where you can take advantage of competitive prices, complimentary perks  like free car washes and quality work from skilled mechanics.

Also check out service specials from Westway Ford to see  if we have any current brake service coupons online. We rotate specials  seasonally to offer great savings on common repairs.


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