When to Change Your Ford's Battery

Click play to get tips that'll help you prolong your car's battery life. Also, view the page for battery maintenance information from our auto shop in North Texas.

Visit us to find car batteries for sale in the Dallas metro area! Westway offers low prices on F-150, Focus, Mustang and Ford Fusion battery replacements, along with batteries for all other models in the lineup.

Why Do You Need a Battery in a Car?

Your car's battery performs a variety of important functions, one of the most important being to provide the electrical power that activates the starter. While the alternator takes on providing the majority of power once the car is turned on, the battery continues to help regulate and keep power stable, along with providing extra power for accessories such as your headlights and sound system.

When to Change My Car Battery

  1. My engine is sluggish when turning over. This is one of the key signs that a car battery is soon going to fail. If you notice this, visit us to find car batteries in Dallas and get a replacement before you wind up stranded.
  2. There's a burning or rotten egg smell coming from my car battery. Generally, this is due to a leak caused by overheated battery components. You may also notice smoking when there's a leak.
  3. My battery case looks bloated. Extreme heat is once again the likely culprit here. Bloating is a bad sign, so schedule an appointment with us to get a new Ford battery if you notice any signs of swelling.
  4. There's corrosion on my car battery. Due to humidity, this is a common issue for drivers in DFW. In addition, a battery leak can cause corrosion buildup.
  5. My car battery or check engine light is turning on and off. Either light could mean that your battery power is low or that there are problems with the alternator, among various other issues. For a proper diagnosis, have your battery inspected at our shop in Irving.
  6. I've had my Ford battery for three years or more. After three years, you need to keep a closer eye on your battery. Most don't last much longer than three to four years, although this varies based on driving behavior.
  7. My car revs but the engine doesn't start. If you hear revving, it's probably the battery that's at fault rather than the alternator or starter. Additionally, if your engine isn't revving and your lights are also not turning on, it's probably due to a dead battery.

Car Battery Replacement Near Me

Battery Service

Looking for a new Ford F-150 or Ford Fusion battery today? Westway offers these and other car batteries for sale in the Dallas area! If you're experiencing signs of potential battery failure or if you're due for battery service, visit our auto shop in Irving-Las Colinas for assistance. When you get a quote from us, you may be surprised at how close our prices are to Walmart car batteries. Plus, we offer a range of complimentary amenities including Wi-Fi, coffee and snacks, and free car washes every time you come in for service!


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