If you like the thought of driving a brand new Ford F-150, but you're not ready to fork over the cash for a new car, you'll be glad to know that there are other options available to drive your dream F-150 without draining your bank account. Leasing, which is available in several different structures, provides a hassle-free way to drive the latest and greatest Ford F-150 while staying in your financial comfort zone. With a lease, you can choose to drive the latest Ford F-150 for a short period or a low-cost path to vehicle ownership. Either way, you can relax and enjoy the privilege of driving the award-winning Ford F-150 for several years while paying a minimal amount in car expenses.

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What Are the Benefits of Leasing a Vehicle?

Ultimately, leasing provides many key benefits and distinct advantages. It's a low-cost and low-commitment option to drive the F-150 for about 36-48 months or longer. The cost savings that you can enjoy with a lease add up quickly. The cost savings begin with the payment structure of a lease, making minimum monthly payments until the lease ends. Throughout the lease, you'll only pay for the price of depreciation, which is the total amount of value that the vehicle loses over time. The depreciation rate is much lower than the initial sticker price on the car, which is a price you don't have to pay with a lease. Leasing also avoids other fees that get tacked onto the price of a new Ford F-150, such as higher insurance rates and sales taxes.

Along with these initial savings, a lease will save money in other ways down the road. Leasing a vehicle means that a manufacturer's warranty covers it. You don't have to pay for service or repairs while you lease the car, which can also amount to substantial amounts of money.

Leasing also gives you options for what happens with your Ford F-150 at the end. If you take out a closed-end lease, you're only committed to driving the car for a few years before returning it. You can then take out a lease for a newer vehicle if you'd like. With an open-end lease, you make minimum monthly payments to start and eventually become the car owner by paying a predetermined price.

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