Ford Marverick  

2022 Ford Maverick Preview

The Ford Maverick is an as-yet officially announced part of Ford's pickup truck lineup. Ford described it as a "C-Pick Up," which insiders believe means compact pickup. How's Ford going to handle a compact? How are fans of their full-size and mid-size trucks going to respond to the news? So far, the truck named Maverick is generating a lot of excitement.

The Maverick's Early Profile

While it might be at least six months before we see any official photos of the 2022 Maverick, we already know a few things about the truck. People believe that the Maverick will have a Bronco Sport-type swagger. They think that it may get a similar set of features and powertrain. While not set in stone, Ford is still fine-tuning the compact pickup truck so that things could change over a few months. For now, though, it looks like it might have the towing capacity of models like the Transit and the athletic build of models like the Bronco.

Ford Maverick Front View

A Few Notes about the Maverick

  • The truck bed was spotted by an insider and looked much more significant than your usual compact truck's bed

  • Ford Co-Pilot360 should be a certainty

  • Expect standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

  • Wireless device charging is a possibility

  • Genuine leather and real wood trim is likely on at least a high trim

  • It may have an all-electric model

As of now, only 21 of these Maverick prototypes have been built. Ford is testing them diligently, usually alongside their trusty Ranger. The Maverick more than held its own against the Ranger, and people reported that the Maverick was closer in size to the Ranger than your usual compact would be. This hints that this model will be on the large side of the compact segment. It's no surprise that this is so. Ford's used to making legendary full-size pickup trucks. It'd be natural that they'd want their Maverick to have plenty of space. Storage design also promises to give you possibilities like under-seat storage. Get More Information

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