Ford Bronco Sport Becomes First Vehicle To Feature Parts Made of 100% Recycled Ocean Plastic  

Across the four oceans on Earth, we see 13 million metric tons of new plastic added to them each year. There are currently 46,000 pieces of plastic in every square mile of the ocean. To help reduce this amount, Ford has started utilizing 100 percent recycled ocean plastic to construct their automobiles. The current Ford Bronco model utilizes a harness clip design that is made from plastic from the Indian Ocean. While the part isn't visible inside the vehicle, it plays an important role in the interior security of the vehicle.

Ford is currently the first automobile manufacturer to use 100 percent recycled plastic from the ocean in designing a vehicle. They have previously used recycled plastic in the design of the 2020 Ford Escape, but the plastic was sourced from water bottles. The Ford Bronco was constructed with the help of DSM Engineering and Hellermann Tyton. DSM is the company that helps to collect the plastic and process it. Hellerman Tyton is responsible for the molding of the harness clips.

Ford is currently designing other parts that will utilize this recycled plastic. Transmission brackets are just one of the concepts currently in the works. If you would like to learn more about Ford's contribution to reducing the amount of ocean plastic that we have on Earth right now, contact us here at Westway Ford. We would be happy to pass on any information that we have. We can also educate you on the different Ford models that we have on our lot in Irving right now.

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