Inspecting the Engine for Trouble Signs

Vehicles come with many different engine options. The size of the engine may vary, as well as the power that it provides and the components it is made out of. Because of all these different factors, engines make a variety of noises when they are in use. When a problem is occurring with the function of your engine, this can cause some unfamiliar noises to creep up. It isn’t necessary to immediately be concerned if you hear a one-off sound and it doesn’t return. There will be times when your engine makes an odd noise. What you do want to be concerned with is an engine noise that appears, sticks around and just doesn’t sound normal. Let’s take a look at some of the engine noises that require immediate attention.

Why is My Engine Making Knocking Sounds?

When an engine is making a sound that is similar to a knock or a ping, this often means that some worn out parts are in your engine. Many of these parts can be replaced so don’t worry too much. Knocks and pings will generally get much worse when you have placed pressure on the accelerator. These are sounds that should be investigated before your vehicle is in a dangerous state. Also watch out for jumps or decreases in power that occur with each sound. You don't want to be faced with losing complete power to your engine while you are on the road. A few knocks can be a warning sign that something is going on with your vehicle's engine.

Help! My Engine is Clicking

As your engine is starting up and running, there are sounds that will be similar to clicks. Parts like your rocker arms, timing belts and camshaft can all produce a clicking sound. These noises are perfectly normal if they are quiet enough that you don’t really notice them. When the clicking seems to be progressively louder, then your vehicle will require some attention. If you notice the clicking can be felt by your foot when it is on your accelerator pedal, then you probably don’t have an engine issue going on. This is more likely to be an issue with your brakes, brake pedal or suspension. These are all important issues that should be addressed by a professional as well.

What do Acceleration Noises Mean?

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When you hit the accelerator on your vehicle there are some noises that will be produced as power is produced. If your vehicle has been running and there are abnormal sounds only when you hit the accelerator, there is a problem going on. If this happens frequently, you will need to obtain attention for your vehicle. Try to pinpoint when the noises happen, at what RPM, etc. Just because you notice a problem when you are at higher speeds and not lower ones doesn’t mean that there isn’t a problem. A vehicle’s engine is a complex structure. The way that it functions can be confusing.

If something is amiss with your vehicle, then you probably want to bring it in to our Westway Ford service center to be checked out. It is important to have a problem fixed before it becomes a major engine overhaul that will cost you a lot of money. You also want to be sure that your vehicle is safe for you and your family to be driving in at all times. Give us a call today if you notice a problem. Try to remember when the problem is going on. The more information that we have when diagnosing the problem, the better the outcome will be for everyone that is involved.