Manufacturer Offer10

Loyalty Offer : $1,000 cash back on select Ford models

  1. $1,000 Offer
  • Applies to multiple models.

* Disclaimer(s)
  • - Customers who currently own or lease 1995 or newer Ford or Mercury Car, SUV or Light Duty Truck are eligible for the Owner Loyalty incentive - Customer must have owned the eligible vehicle for a minimum of 30 days prior to the sale date of the new VIN. - Customer does NOT have to be the original owner to be eligible for the incentive. - Customer does NOT have to trade in their eligible vehicle. - The Owner Loyalty Program is NOT compatible with other Owner Loyalty , RCL Renewal , Competitive Conquest Programs, or Special APR Financing - This offer is "transferable within household ( same address ), from Business to Business Owner and from Business Owner to Business." A new enhancement has been added to the Smart VINCENT Integrated Sales Process allowing dealers to enroll directly from Smart VINCENT VINCENT. When the prior VIN is matched to the new vehicle sale customer name and/or address , the claim is approved automatically. If during the lock or verification process you receive an error code of Owner Loyalty is ineligible , you must submit for the Secondary Verification Program. Dealers are required to retain documents in all deal jackets.