Manufacturer Offer10

Employee Allowance Offer : $1,000 cash back on select Ford Mustang models

  1. $1,000 Offer
  • Applies to select new 2019 Ford Mustang.

* Disclaimer(s)
  • D-Plan Privileges Program The Blue Oval Certified and Lincoln Mercury Elite Programs are cancelled effective July 8, 2011 and replaced by the new D-Plan Privileges Program. Dealerships that achieve a Voice of Customer target will be eligible for D-Plan. - Current BOC/LME Voice of Customer targets will be maintained in the D-Plan Privileges Program - Training and Internet Certification requirements and annual anniversary dates are dropped - Certification will be determined monthly - D-Plan dealership employee requirements and administrative guidelines remain in effect - Your dealership must have a D-Plan Coordinator identified in STARS. An eligible Ford or Lincoln dealership employee may generate up to 2 (two) PINs per calendar year to be used toward the purchase/lease of a new vehicle for them or their eligible family members as noted below (see PIN Generation for details): - D-Plan Privileges Program certified dealership employees and eligible family members. NOTE: Your eligibility will become effective within 3 days following your dealership's certification. - Active Dealership employee participants must be entered in STARS. - The following family members are eligible to participate: - Spouse - Parents (including stepparents) - Spouse's parents - Grandparents - Spouse's grandparents - Sons and daughters (including in-laws and stepchildren) - Grandchildren - Brothers and sisters (including in-laws, half and step) - Same-sex domestic partners (*See section Pertaining to Same-sex Domestic Partnership) - Immediate family members of eligible same-sex domestic partners (*See section "Pertaining to Same-sex Domestic Partnerships")