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Ford To Invest Billions for America’s Shift to Electric Vehicles

Ford To Invest Billions for America's Shift to Electric Vehicles 
Ford is committed to furthering the electric vehicle market thanks to the most significant investment ever by an American automobile manufacturer through its plans to plans to create two technologically advanced manufacturing facilities in Tennessee and Kentucky. Ford has invested $11.4 billion in the facilities, which are expected to create almost 11,000 new jobs.
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Preview of The New Ford E-Transit

2022 Ford E-Transit 
If you want a van that goes the extra mile, the Ford E-Transit is a perfect choice. The E-Transit is one of the newest additions to the Transit collection, and it has already been met with much enthusiasm. The Ford E-Transit comes in three body styles, including a passenger, crew, and cargo van. The E-Transit is an electric-powered version of the regular Ford Transit, and it offers the same great amenities and features as its gasoline-based peer. The Transit comes with several trim levels and different configurations to create just the right van for your work and recreational needs.
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Ford Mustang Mach-E EV of the Year

Ford Mustang Mach-E EV of the Year 
For almost four decades, Westway Ford has been a leader in the community for sales and service. Providing you with stellar customer satisfaction is only one way that our dealership goes to great lengths to ensure we remain your preferred choice. As a premier dealership, we've gotten to know our customers enough to know when something as exciting as the Ford Mustang Mach-E being named 2021 EV of the Year by Car and Driver is worth sharing.
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Previewing the 2022 Ford Maverick

Ford Marverick 
The Ford Maverick is an as-yet officially announced part of Ford's pickup truck lineup. Ford described it as a "C-Pick Up," which insiders believe means compact pickup. How's Ford going to handle a compact? How are fans of their full-size and mid-size trucks going to respond to the news? So far, the truck named Maverick is generating a lot of excitement.
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Can I Use My Phone To Start My Car?


Technology has really taken the automobile market to a whole new level in recent years. Ford has taken advantage of what's available to them by developing the FordPass app. You can download this app to your smart device, and you'll be able to control a number of features remotely. This includes the remote start feature. You can also manage your service appointments and lock/unlock your vehicle using your phone. If you've recently purchased a Ford model from Westway Ford and you would like to learn how to utilize this feature, read on.

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Why Skipping Maintenance is Bad for your Car and Bottom Line

Ford Service

Car ownership involves more than just driving your vehicle. You also have to keep up with things like keeping your car properly maintained. A lot of car owners slack off on vehicle maintenance, but this doesn't mean that this is a good thing to do. If you are a car owner, you must learn about the types of maintenance that your car needs and for you to keep up with this maintenance.

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Which Ford F-Series Vehicles Get the New V8 Engine?

Ford F-Series

The New 7.3-liter V8 Engine

Ford debuted the new 7.3-liter V8 engine early in 2019 during the 2019 Chicago Auto Show. The 7.3-liter engine was designed for use in the new lineup of 2020 pickup trucks. The engine is expected to produce a maximum of 430 horsepower and 475 pound-feet of torque. Through the use of new internals, such as an overhead valve design and a forged steel crankshaft, the engine will perform better under strenuous loads compared to other engines in the lockout.

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Which Ford SUVs are Loved by Millennials?

Which Ford SUVs are Loved by Millennials

Millennials, the generation born between 1981 and 1996, are settling down. They have started turning their thoughts to homes, families and cars that fit their lifestyles. A survey recently conducted by Ford indicates that millennials are choosing vehicles that will carry a family. According to that same survey, older millennials are opting for mid-size, sometimes called intermediate, or large SUVs over other cars.

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