How to Use Ford Adaptive Cruise Control With Stop & Go

Ford Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go is useful in many situations. It reduces the amount of work that drivers have to do with traditional cruise control systems, and as the name of the technology implies, it can even bring your vehicle to a full stop when encountering heavy traffic.

How to Activate & Turn Off Ford Adaptive Cruise Control

To turn on Ford Adaptive Cruise Control, go to the cruise control switch on the steering wheel and press On. Next you’ll set your speed by accelerating and pressing Set when you’ve reached the speed you want. Now take your foot off the gas pedal and let your Ford do the work.

The system will automatically slow down without you having to hit the brake pedal when it detects that the vehicle ahead is slowing down. It will also automatically bring the vehicle to a full stop when the car ahead stops, and will accelerate automatically if traffic picks back up within a few seconds. If it takes longer, you can restart the system by pressing the RES+ (resume) button on the steering wheel or by pressing the accelerator.

To turn off Ford Adaptive Cruise Control, press the brake pedal or hit the CNCL (cancel) button on the steering wheel. You can also switch to the traditional cruise control setting without Stop and Go by going to the information display, selecting Settings and then selecting Cruise Control. From there you can choose Adaptive or Normal.

How to Adjust Adaptive Cruise Control Following Distance

You’re able to choose the following distance using the up and down arrows on the steering wheel. Pressing up allows you to follow at a closer distance, while pressing the down arrow increases your following distance. These are called the Gap settings and you can see the distance in the information display as you make adjustments.

Whether you have questions about how to use Ford Escape, Edge or Mustang adaptive cruise control, check out the video above for details. Systems for several recent model years function similarly. Also, feel free to visit our car dealership or give us a call to address any further questions you may have.

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