A New Way to Connect on the Drive

The latest Ford take on roadside safety is perhaps a revolutionary outlook on how we treat our center consoles down the road. Traditionally, getting your device connected to your car to take advantage of speakerphone calls, text-to-speech, and vice versa, music controls and more has been a laborious task. You might even say that it's outright insulting to the multimedia horsepower that's offered by your tablet or smartphone, and it's resulted in many drivers just opting to use the device itself instead of linking up.


The root of this complication boils down to, well, complication. Center consoles in vehicles have never had that element of seamless integration that makes them feel worth the time to utilize. Ford recognized this and came up with SYNC, a software solution that brings Android-like functionality to your dashboard that remains consistent across all models of Ford's automotive offerings. The aim was to help people put down their phones and keep their eyes and hands on the road and wheel, respectively.


But we all know that smart devices are about more than just calling and texting. That's why the latest evolution of Ford's software, SYNC 3, is designed to download third-party applications that communicate with their counterparts on your phone or tablet. This means that you can control Spotify, AccuWeather, Gmail and even YouTube straight from the center console. The results are displayed on this screen and projected through the cabin speakers.



Linking Your Smartphone with SYNC 3

If you're interested in getting the ball rolling with SYNC 3 and its safety-enhancing all-in-one integration system, we're here to help. The process is as simple as turning on your device's Bluetooth® setting and navigating SYNC 3 to pair the two devices. Follow these steps to get it started:


1. Tap on the Phone selection at the bottom of the console screen. Find System Settings and follow that to Add Bluetooth® Device. SYNC 3 will begin searching for Bluetooth® devices that it can hook up with.


2. Go into your phone or tablet and turn on Bluetooth®. Because you're linking it up for the first time to your center console, you'll also need to activate discovery mode, which will allow SYNC 3 to locate the phone while searching. You can normally access this setting on your handset by hold-pressing the Bluetooth® option in the notification tray.


3. There may be additional prompts on both screens before the connection is finalized. Follow the on-screen instructions, if any. Once you've successfully paired your device to the console, you're good to go!


4. You'll never need to turn on discovery mode again, but you'll need to turn on Bluetooth® for it to sync up with SYNC 3. On the occasion that your device can't make the link automatically, you can simply navigate the console interface to select your device and manually reconnect.

Any Questions?

If you're interested in unlocking more of the potential behind SYNC 3 or just want to learn more about how it works, feel free to drop in at our dealership. We're always here to help! You can also call in with any questions that you have about Ford software features, and we'll be more than happy to assist you over the phone.

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