The eye-catching Ford Escape not only expresses its sophistication through its appearance but also offers a generous number of features only you, as the owner, get the chance to enjoy.  

To begin, we’d like to let you in on the technology behind the driving and safety of the Escape. This vehicle can offer you more driving assistance features and more peace of mind than most of the vehicles on the road today. The Forward Collison Warning with Brake Support has the ability to detect a vehicle in front of you while pre-charging your brakes for a sudden stop. The Lane-Keeping System monitors road markings around you to make sure you are driving safely in your lane. If you start to cross the line into another lane, your steering wheel will gently vibrate, or steering torque will be applied to guide you back into the lane. If your vehicle senses repeated drifting, a coffee shaped light with appear on your display to tell you it’s time to pull over for a break.

For your convenience, Ford has also added the Available Enhanced Park Assist that uses sensors to locate a spot for your exact vehicle. While you still have full control over your acceleration and brake pedals, the vehicle will cover the hard part of steering for you. Just follow the commands it gives you to perfectly slide your Escape into any parking spot. The Adaptive Cruise Control can sense slower traffic in front of you while slowing the vehicle down as you approach this traffic, but also returning to your preset speed when the obstacle is out of your way. The Auto Start Stop Technology reduces fuel emission when driving in the city, which also reduces your vehicle’s fuel consumption. When you stop, the engine automatically turns off and then restarts again once your foot leaves the brake pedal. Lastly, we wanted to give you the Hands-Free Foot-Activated Liftgate. That’s right, as long as your keys are in your pocket or purse, you can just slide your foot under the center of the bumper to automatically lift the trunk hatchback. Whether your hands are full of groceries, sticky, or muddy from the yard, you don’t have to worry about making a bigger mess!

Which brings us to our next convenience, trunk space. The 2018 Ford Escape offers 34 cu. ft. space in the trunk alone. But the back row of seats folds down to increase this to a whole 68 cu. ft., ready for any amount of luggage, golf clubs, snowboards, gardening tools, or whatever else life throws at you.

Come step into your new Ford Escape today to find out why it’s the SUV for you!