Get Your Ford Ready for Summer

Summertime calls for beach vacations, traveling to cabins, and spending evenings out enjoying summer nights. Before you enjoy this hot & beautiful season, think about your Ford and some of the seasonal maintenance it needs after a long winter and spring.

Cooling System

Your cooling system needs extra attention in the summer. Cooling systems are critical to your summer driving as it primarily keeps your engine cool. To prepare your cooling system for summer, you'll want to check the radiator and hoses for leaks or cracks and make sure all the connections are snug. The reservoir level should be half full and if it is low, add coolant or antifreeze so you can keep your engine running great all summer long.

Air Conditioning
Don’t wait until your air conditioning car goes out before you give it some maintenance! Inspect the system for any worn or damaged belts, as this keeps your compressor running for your car to be cool.

Summer Tire Tread
If you don’t have all season tires, it’s time to mount summer tires on your car. You’ll get more speed, better handling, and better fuel efficiency with summer tires, which have a short sidewall and a less-aggressive tread.

Brake Check
Summer weather brings thunderstorms and rain, so make sure to inspect your brakes to keep you safe on wet roads! Wet brakes can be less responsive, so talk to a mechanic about how much braking you have left. Hot weather can increase the temperature of your brakes system, which causes it to wear more quickly.

Batteries can fail any time of year. The only accurate way to detect a weak battery is with professional equipment and routine care. Get under the hood, scrape away corrosion from posts, clean all surfaces and re-tighten all connections. Avoid contact with corrosive deposits and battery acid. Be sure to wear eye protection and rubber gloves to stay safe!

We have a professional service team here at Westway Ford ready to address your concerns and get your Ford ready for the summer! Give us a call and schedule your appointment today! 

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