Fords that Describe You as a Father

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers out there. It’s your time to be celebrated for all the generous, loving, and caring things you’ve done all year round.
When it comes to cars, you don’t have to give up feeling great about what you drive or what you want to drive. Here are some awesome Ford cars and SUVs that may best describe the father you are

2018 Fusion
For fathers who like to be noticed and in control, the Fusion is a great fit for you. It’s designed for fathers who like to be noticed and allows you to follow your own path. 
2018 Mustang
For fathers who enjoy a more personalized touch to their vehicle, the Mustang was born to be personalized. The Mustang is designed to custom-fit the way you drive and consistently give you your daily dose of adrenaline. There’s nothing like a Mustang with its muscular haunch that’ll let everyone know what and who just passed them on the road. 
2018 Edge
For fathers who shape the world around them, driving the Edge will always make you unstoppable. Luxurious inside and stylish outside, the Edge is meant for fathers who don’t mind attention when they arrive in style to their destination. Fathers with a commanding profile won’t be afraid of turning heads or stepping into the spotlight.
2018 C-Max Hybrid
For techy fathers on a mission to improve & protect the quality of the natural environment, get the power of choice with the C-Max Hybrid. Benefit from a vehicle made to fit your lifestyle and not the other way around. Enjoy efficiently, sustainable ‘green’ materials on the inside and signature electric style on the outside.
2018 F-150 
Fathers working in heavy industrial jobs can appreciate the high-strength and military-grade of the F-150. From its 5-star safety rating to its high-strength steel frame, to maneuvering in tight spaces and off-road trails, the F-150 is perfect for fathers out handling physical work every day. 
We’d like to wish all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day! If your dad is looking for a new ride, we’d be happy to help your family!
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