Tips to Prepare Your Car to Trade In

There are many different reasons that we feel the need to get a new car; you need a more efficient vehicle, your family is growing, you need to down size from your extra-large SUV or you just plain feel like getting a new car. Whatever the reason may be, the time has come to get a new car, and you want to get something out of your old car. Rather than going through the hassle of a private sale, why not trade it in during the purchase of your new vehicle!

Trading in your car can sometimes take the place of a down payment on the new vehicle if you are leasing it, or if you are paying cash for the new car, it can reduce the price of the new vehicle. While there are many things you can do to maximize the amount you get from your trade in, below are the top three things to do with your car before you trade it in.

Clean Your Car

Probably the most important thing to do before you trade in your car is to clean it. It would be wise to do this before you take it in to get a value from the dealer. First impressions are the most important, so be sure to have it sparkling clean when you bring it in. Vacuum the floors, wipe down the seats and doors, and be sure to do a thorough cleaning of the outside.

Remove Personal Items

This step is part of the cleaning process, but be sure to remove all your personal items from the car before you trade it in. While you may think that the star wars bobble head on the dash is the coolest thing ever, the new owner probably won’t think it is a necessary feature for their new car.

Fix Minor Problems

While fixing major issues shouldn’t be your concern, it is in your best interest to fix the minor problems with your car to get the most money out of your trade in. fixing minor dents, paint chips and interior wear will ultimately increase the value of your car and its appeal to a potential buyer.

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