The Westway Ford Bracket

The big tournament between the Division 1 Men’s Basketball teams is played every spring and its popularity continues to grow each year due to its brackets and pools. The Westway Ford team decided to make our own bracket between some of the contenders for “Best Vehicle for College Students.

First Pick: Ford Escape

For an affordable price, the Escape is perfect for the 18-year-old beginning their college career. Enough space to transport all of your necessities for your freshman dorm and enough room for all of your new friends, you couldn’t ask for more!

Second Pick: Ford Focus

This was named one of our picks for college students because of its great gas mileage. With the popularity of going to school out of state growing every year, the Focus will be able to give you fuel efficiency on your way to and from college. It’ll save you more money in your gas tank so you can spend more on text books!

Third Pick: Ford Fusion

We have seen more and more college aged student deciding to invest in a Ford Fusion because of its perfect size. It isn’t as small as a hybrid car but isn’t as large as an SUV, which leaves the perfect sedan. It’s stylish, safe and smooth!

Winner: Honestly, no matter what Ford vehicle you decide to invest in for yourself or your college student, it will be a great decision. Each vehicle we have at Westway Ford is safe, reliable and stylish enough for the 18-24 year old! Stop by our dealership today to test drive yours!


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