Safety for Pets in Your Vehicle

Calling all pet owners! We know a long road trip isn’t very fun if your furry friends can’t keep you company! It doesn’t have to be stressful for you or your pet to have them tag along. We have come up with a few safety tips to keep you and your furry friends safe on the road! 
Prepare your pet for a long trip.
To start practicing for your upcoming trip, start taking your pet on longer trips in the vehicle. Increasing it 15 minutes at a time could help them stay calm and cool during your lengthy road trip. 
If your pet is skittish in the car already, bringing treats and rewarding them for good behavior in the car is a great tip! 
Keep your pets safe and secure
Whether it is a harness, seatbelt or a carrier, make sure your pet has something to keep them safe during the ride. You do not want your pet shifting or sliding if you need to brake quickly. It may seem tempting to roll the window down and allow your pet to get some fresh air but if need be, just crack the window so their head is not out the window. 
Prep a pet-friendly travel kit.
This is just like a baby bag, except for your pet! Include things such as a leash, bags for when they go potty, food, water, a bowl for each, and medicine if necessary. This will ensure your pet has everything they need during the duration of the trip. When you make a stop along the way make it a point to give your pet some food and water in small doses. 
Never leave your animal alone in a parked vehicle. 
Do not leave your animal in a vehicle alone for a variety of reasons. Vehicles can get very hot, very quickly and the same way with cold temperatures. Even if you leave the windows open the temperatures can still change very quickly and lead to health issues for your furry friends. They may become very nervous seeing you walk away which can lead to bad behavior as well. 
Traveling with your pet is hard work but it does pay off in the long run. You’ll be happy they got to tag along, and they will too! Remember, your pet’s safety is just as important as yours!
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