How to Know When Your A/C is Ready for Service

As we approach spring and summer, there is no more important time than now to be sure that your air conditioning system in your car is running properly. Rather than take a chance of it going out in the middle of the summer, get it fixed now so you can guarantee that you will never have to drive around in a hot and humid car. The last thing you want is to drive to work or to a meeting in sweltering heat and show up a sweaty mess. Not identifying that there is an issue such as low coolant can even destroy the A/C system resulting in a complete replacement.  It’s not always easy to identify when you’re A/C is going out, so here are some tips to identify when your air conditioning is ready for a service.

Temperatures Changing Sporadically. If you notice that the temperatures are changing from hot to cold without changing it on your own, this could mean that you need new hoses, which is not an expensive fix.

Electrical Problems. You’re A/C compressor runs off of voltage from a vehicle’s battery, so it may be as simple as just changing your battery.

Air Compressor Making Noises? If you have you’re A/C on as high as it can go and you happen to hear strange or loud sounds while the system is running, this might mean there’s a problem with the compressor.

Coolant Leaks. If you are nearing 150,000 miles on your car there is a good chance that your coolant is running out, as it does normally over time. Simply having a coolant flush or refill will usually fix this problem.

Stinky Air. Have you noticed a foul smell coming from your A/C vents? This is probably one of the easiest things to notice that your air conditioning system needs to be service. Typically this is due to bacteria in the evaporator.

If you notice any of these symptoms coming from you’re A/C, it’s probably time to get it serviced. Come down to Westway Ford in Irving, TX and speak with one of our great service technicians today, or schedule an appointment.

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