Hatchback vs Sedan: Which Should I Get?

Hatchback vs Sedan: Which Should I Get 

What's the Difference Between a Sedan and Hatchback?

If you love compact cars, your most significant and first choice will be choosing between a hatchback or a sedan. There are plenty of small vehicles that fall into this category, and you're going to have a lot of fun learning about both of these body styles. And that's the chief difference between the hatchback and the sedan: They both have their unique style. The hatchback has a cargo space area that isn't separate from cargo storage, while the sedan's cargo storage area is entirely different from the last seat and trunk, which makes for a very distinct look in both vehicles. Here are a few differences between these two styles that can help you make a great decision.

What are the Style Differences?

You'll need just a few pieces of information here. We've already demonstrated that the chief difference is the cargo space area. With a hatchback, it blends into the overall interior design, making for a fuller look on the outside, too, while the sedan's cargo storage area is going to be completely separate (we all know that sedans have the trunk area while hatchbacks don't).

On the Interior

Since sedans have a separate compartment for cargo space (the trunk), they're often more spacious on the inside. If you have a larger family size, you might want to take a look at a sedan more seriously. However, if you're mostly traveling alone and need room for sports gear, clothing, or travel items, then you're going to love the freedom a hatchback gives you. No one likes looking back and seeing the waste of empty seats. All of that could be cargo space with a hatchback style. Hatchbacks are also shorter than sedans, making for accessible parking and navigating the rough roads of the world. Hatchbacks also have exceptional visibility, so if you need to navigate closely and look behind you a lot to get into your parking space and other areas, the hatchback is a great friend.

A family of 5 is more likely going to need the room that a sedan affords them, instead of the cargo space that people with smaller families need. A single active person often opts for a hatchback because it gives them the travel gear storage they need without making the vehicle impossibly long to park. The extra agility can mean a lot to someone who is single and on the go or someone who is newly married with no children yet. Which one you want depends on your family size and the activity level of your life (traveling a lot?).

Come See Us!

We warmly invite you to visit us here at Westway Ford. We would love to show you our full lineup of hatchbacks and sedans that might meet your needs. We'll take a healthy amount of time with you, answer your questions, go out of our way to pair you with the vehicle that's going to serve you best over the years, give you the comfort and reliability you need, and hold up well over the years. The decision is always ultimately up to you.

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