Five Fun Facts on Ford

Interested in some fast facts about Ford? Westway Ford is here to feed your brain with some fun facts about the brand itself! 
1) Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were best buds! They were lifelong friends who even owned neighboring vacation properties together in Florida. Weirdly enough, Ford captured and kept Edison’s last breath in a sealed tube as a memorial to him. If that doesn’t say, “best friends”, then what does! 
2) The first ever Ford was sold to Dr. Pfenning in 1903 for $850. It was the model A, with a 2-cylinder engine and only reached a maximum of 30 mph! It’s amazing how far the Ford family has come!
3) Ford was the world’s first “green” company, but it’s not in the sense you’re thinking! Ford used animal waste to power its American and British plants until 1939. Could you imagine that? 
4) Ford is given partial credit for the popularity of the famous Charlie Brown!  The Peanut cartoon was introduced to television through a commissioned Ford television commercial in 1961. Check it out here! 
5) Henry Ford is known to have started the phrase, “an arm and a leg”, because he was so care-free when it came to his money. What would you give up for your Ford?
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