Waze is Coming to Ford SYNC 3

Ford Sync 3 with Waze

If you are already familiar with using the Waze app on your smartphone, using this integrative traffic app in certain Ford vehicles just got easier. The Waze app allows drivers to share on the go information regarding traffic, accidents, and any other hazards on the road with other drivers.

Ford has decided to fully integrate the Waze App using the Ford SYNC 3 technology. It will be possible for drivers to open up the Waze app using the touch screen or with voice control.

All you will need is your smartphone to plug into the USB port in your Ford vehicle. The Waze app will display on the touch screen and users can now use the app on the display instead of trying to use the tiny screen on the phone.

Divers will also hear any notifications coming from the Waze app through the sound system in the car instead of from the phone.

This is an exciting development for Ford. Recent updates to the Waze app are included, and drivers will be able to talk to the app, ask for navigation, or add information all without touching the screen.

Technology in Ford vehicles just took a huge leap forward. With the ability to use the Waze app on the large display and the voice capabilities, this is going to change how Ford drivers experience navigation, traffic hazards or other concerns while out on the road.

With the easy ability to share, the commute of everyone on the road will become easier. The crowd-sourcing platform has gained in popularity as individuals who participate in the app have realized its true power.

Accidents that were not known by authorities have been discovered and people are overall safer while on the roadways when using the Waze app. Traffic updates are generally done within minutes and the more people using the app, the more helpful it becomes.

Waze will be available for all 2018 Ford vehicles that have SYNC 3 version 3.0 or greater. The touchscreen can then be used, and navigation becomes much easier.

To learn more about innovative technology in Ford vehicles, head over to Westway Ford and ask to speak with one of the sales team professionals. We will be able to answer your questions and we look forward to meeting you.

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