Spring Driving Tips

Spring season in Texas is unpredictable, so as drivers, we never know what to expect. The incoming spring season will bring everything between rainfall and hail, to potholes and uneven pavements. You need to be aware that wet roads have the same level of danger as icy roads. The Westway Ford team wants to give our followers a few tips on how to stay safe this coming season!
Tip 1: First things first, keep your tires inflated with proper amounts of air or replace worn out tires. Tires are one of the most essential parts of your vehicle, so it is very important to keep your tire tread fresh for better traction on the road. 
Tip 2: Cruise control is out of the question whenever there’s rain or hail involved. Although cruise control is one of the best features our vehicles offer, the last thing you want to happen in wet weather is hydroplaning off the ground due to not having control of your vehicle. 
Tip 3: Visibility is super important while driving, so keep windows clean. Be proactive and take the time to clean the inside and outside of your windows. Spring is also the best time to clean or replace your windshield wipers!
Tip 4: Keep your distance from the driver ahead of you. In wet weather, it takes more time for your car to stop completely. Make sure to break earlier rather than later with quick turns and hard stops!
Tip 5: Check the local news for any flood or storm warnings. Try your best to avoid these areas and driving near them if possible. Download a weather app to easily get notifications of bad weather on your phone!
Schedule a service appointment with Westway Ford team today to get your vehicle serviced and ready for any weather that spring brings our way!
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