Ford’s Best Super Bowl Commercials of the Late 2000s

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots for successfully making it to the final showdown: Super Bowl LII! In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, it’s only right for us to take a trip back down memory lane to view some of Ford’s best commercials from earlier Super Bowls!  
At Super Bowl XLVII, the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers battled it out, ultimately resulting in Baltimore Ravens taking home the win! This hilarious commercial depicts a young man who is looking to save money on gas by exploring every possible option at the local gas mart. Ford’s advice to consumers, “The only way to pay less for gas is to pay for gas, less.” 
Super Bowl XLVIII had the Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos, with the Seahawks emerging with the victory! Ford produced a double length commercial that was unique, funny, and entertaining. The intent of this commercial was to acknowledge how the 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid had nearly double the fuel economy than any average vehicle on the market at that time.
The New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks faced off in Super Bowl XLIX. The New England Patriots were the winning champions! Ford’s 2015 Super Bowl Commercial used Ford customers to inform viewers that Ford is undoubtedly the most searched, purchased and loyal automotive brand. In addition, Ford promoted the option to lease an all-new 2015 Ford Escape. 
Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos was a great game to watch as the Denver Broncos took home the trophy! This Ford 2017 Super Bowl commercial shows people in different scenarios where they are stuck and struggling to be free. Ford’s message was to inform people that Ford had developed new ways to help consumers move through life faster, easier, and better.
Before you head to your Super Bowl party, make sure you stop by Westway Ford to get your vehicle serviced. This way your vehicle will be driving at its best quality performance. Westway Ford wishes both teams the best of luck this 2018 Super Bowl! 
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