Test Driving Tips

Is a trip to Westway Ford in your near future? We will help you find a vehicle you can trust and keep as a long-term companion, so you can drive off our lot in your dream car! The only way to determine “the one” is to go for a test drive! To prepare for this important experience, here are some tips for taking a new car out on the road for the first time. 
Do Your Homework
Before entering a dealership, you should already know what make and model you want and what features you are interested in. Do your research ahead of time and make your initial trip with the intent to get behind the wheel. As a reminder: 
Drive your favorites back-to-back on the same day, so you can make a proper comparison.
Consider bringing a family member or friend with you to watch for things you may overlook. 
Check interior and exterior lights to check for performance and illumination. 
Getting Acquainted 
When you get to the dealership, let the salesperson know which vehicles you have in mind. This will allow you to better focus on your prospective ride. 
Since certain options and power trains can greatly alter the feel of a vehicle, it’s important to drive the particular model and trim level you intend to purchase.
Before getting in the vehicle and test driving, walk around the vehicle and inspect it thoroughly.
Observe interior features, driver & passenger doors, comfortability of seating, safety features, gasoline take, general build quality, storage room, and towing features.
Going For A Spin
Now you’re ready for the best part! Get situated inside, and then review how well the primary controls are laid out. Look for differentiating interior features you may like for style, latest technologies, and unique layouts. Things to check for: 
Primary controls for easy use like the clutch and steering wheel. If they aren’t, check for adjustability for you and other potential drivers for proper comfort. 
Feel for comfort and supportive seating. 
Sufficient gauges, display screens, and climate control system for easy view and operation.
Electronic gadgets that will sync well with the entertainment system: Bluetooth wireless, Wi-Fi connectivity, and voice activation, if offered. 
Schedule your test drive with our team today! We look forward to helping you find your dream vehicle!
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