What Your Vehicle’s Color Says About You

The color of your vehicle can say a lot about you, well we like to think so! Our team took a couple guesses on what kind of person we think drives the different colors of the rainbow! Read below and see how you think we did and if we guessed yours right.
White: Clean and Sophisticated
Typically, these owners love to keep their vehicle fresh and clean at all times. 
Gray or Silver: Functional and likes to fit in
This driver’s vehicle may include a lot of technology!
Red: Confident and the center of attention
Vehicle owner’s that choose red may like to show off, drive quick and be the star of the show on the road.
Black: Simple and stylish
Black represents luxury and there’s probably a chance you love to treat yourself because you’re a hard worker.
Blue: Calm, cool and collected
You’re someone everyone loves to be around and you are super easy to get along with
Yellow: Happy and energetic 
The owner of yellow vehicles probably love to bring a little sunshine to their loved one’s lives. 
Beige/Tan/Brown: Respectful, nature lover
You love to spend your free time outdoors whether that be hiking, fishing, etc. 
Do our guesses describe your personality? If we didn’t guess correctly, we want to hear from you! How does your color describe you and why did you choose it?
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