The Ford Core Recovery System Recycling Car Parts

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Recycling is a part of all of our lives. It’s the least we can do to have a positive impact on the environment. We all put our plastic, glass and paper in the recycling bin so it can be sent off to be sorted and be re birthed as a new plastic bottle or egg carton. Have you ever wondered what happens to some car parts after they are destroyed, unusable or need to be replaced? Over the last 10 years, Ford has made it their mission to ensure that these damaged parts get recycled as a part of their Ford Core Recovery Program.

The Ford Core Recovery Program manages all aspects of the recycling process including the collection, re-manufacturing and recycling of damaged parts from Ford vehicles that have been repaired through their dealer network. Bumpers, headlights, sensors and wipers all make the list of parts that can be recycled, and since its inception 10 years ago this program has done some serious recycling. Check out these numbers:

·         120 million Total pounds of damaged vehicle parts that have been processed through the Ford Core Recovery Program

·         26,000 Headlights recycled through the program since 2010

·         62,000 Bumpers recycled through the program since being added in 2010

·         85 Approximate percentage of each Ford vehicle that is recyclable

The program, which began in 2003, was started due to the fact that car parts were becoming more complex and expensive, which made it very important to see that these parts could be reused or recycled whenever possible.

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